antepress – ‘ekphrasis’ experimental lecture

An experimental lecture on ekphrasis presented by imprint and project platform antepress on Wednesday 20th January at David Roberts Art Foundation, London – inside the exhibition project ‘Shiiin, Jet Stream, White earphones’.

Deriving from the Greek words ek (out) and phrasis (speak), ekphrasis is the rhetorical trope of ‘description’: a process of writing that verbalises and incites the mental image of something that is visual or non-textual.


Full audio recording Listen or Download (Right click and save)

Image gallery:

antepress photographs, Sol Archer


antepress was established in 2008 by Julia Calver, Patrick Coyle, Cressida Kocienski, Claire Nichols, Tamarin Norwood and Gemma Sharpe.



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