Nancy grows up

American sound archivist Tony Schwartz’s ‘audio time lapse’ of his niece year-by-year from one month old to 13 years of age.  All in just over two minutes.

Cognitive Surplus

Writer/consultant/lecturer, Clay Shirky is pushing around some interesting ideas on group thinking, the internet, participation, free time, collaboration & generosity – ‘cognitive surplus’… here’s a good TED on his thesis…

Clay Shirky’s site

‘Don’t-know’ mind

“Wake up! On the road with a Zen Master” is a documentary following Zen Master Seung Sahn as he travels across Europe and presents his thoughts.

Directed by Brad Anderson (1992)
Total running time – 54m29s

Unsplit Google video link:

The Assassination of Time

Audio recording of Sue Golding/Johnny De Philo’s fractal-philosophy installation presented in pitch black at DRAF earlier this year. Stream/DL available in two parts with Q & A.

Stream/download here

Direct link-

Johnny Golding-


Non-human persons

Contact (1997) intro sequence

Audio recording of Sculpture performance

Audio recording of Dan Hayhurst & Rueben Sutherland’s performance as Sculpture on 24th February at the David Roberts Art Foundation.

more Sculpture at…